I first started working with Sean in 2013 after feeling the drive to compete in my first bodybuilding show. I look back on that decision now as one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to my fitness journey. It has truly shaped my approach to fitness and nutrition.  While on prep under Sean, I learned how to integrate fitness into my life, rather than having it consume my life which is what happens to many competitors. I was able to go out and eat with friends and family rather than isolate myself from normal living. This all stems from Sean not just being a great coach, but an educator as well.  I didn’t just look better than I ever have, but I learned so much simply from working with him.  From programming for strength, to how I see food now, not as ‘clean’ or ‘bad,’ but as fitting certain nutritional requirements and that Calorie dense foods are perfectly okay in moderation. I could not recommend Sean enough to people regardless of their level of fitness from novice to advanced he is a fantastic motivator and coach.

Zack from Sandwich, MA

The biggest change has been the muscular definition and strength. Before I started training with Sean, I was intimidated by lifting weights. If I wanted to lose weight, I cut my caloric intake drastically and did excessive amounts of cardio. I would get really skinny but then wouldn’t be able to maintain it and never really gained any muscle. I’m surprised how much becoming stronger and healthier impacted the rest of my life. I’m happier, healthier, and stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally..and definitely more confident.  Sean has been my coach for several years now. When I started training under him, I was nearly 200 lbs and despised exercising. Sean kept me motivated and provided all the tools including a custom nutrition and training plan to achieve my goals. Along the way, I found my passion for powerlifting and am now one of the top ranked competitors in the world. A lot of trainers will give you a cookie cutter plan but Sean has always given me individual attention based on my goals and my specific body’s needs. He is extremely knowledgeable, accessible, patient, and understanding. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and whether your goals are sport specific or you just want to be a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself, Sean can get you there.

Katrina from Granby, MA

Working with Sean I have noticed better mobility, and motivation to continue exercising.  Sean has a complex approach to fitness, diet and the connection between lifestyle and daily exercise. I believe this is essential in order to make progress and get in shape.

Matei from New York, NY

The biggest change I have seen is in weight lost and muscled gained. I am surprised that I’m seeing the results that I wanted and that I enjoy doing it.

Zac from New York, NY

After working with Sean for a couple of years, I’m stronger and more fit than ever. I’m surprised how much I like to be pushed. Sean is a wonderful trainer. He pushes me with thoughtfulness and utmost care to be stronger and better.

Pattie from New York, NY

eyond having a lean, toned physique (which is a terrific perk of effective training), the biggest change I have seen in myself is the lasting strength I have developed. It’s apparent in everything I do. Walking, running, riding bikes, lifting bags, climbing stairs – my body is perfectly conditioned to conquer everyday tasks with ease. In the two years that I have worked with Sean, I am consistently amazed at how my awareness of my own body has grown. Well-structured workouts will do more than just help you break a sweat or work off a cookie. With it comes core strength, balance, posture and confidence that – to me – is priceless! Weight training will not give you big, bulging muscles (unless you really really want to achieve that result). With the right guidance, training will definitely change your body and your life.

Sascha from New York, NY

I have been trying to get my son to exercise and eat healthy for a while. He had expressed little interest before he started working with Sean. He has lost weight and gained definition and tone. He has more energy and is more comfortable in his body.  I’m surprised by how committed my son has become. He has sets goals for himself and looks forward to working out. It has changed his self image which in turn has improved his self confidence and self esteem.  I look forward to watching him grow and become more connected with his health, exercise and nutrition while working with Sean.

Erica from New York, NY

Certainly the biggest physical change I have realized is in strength and agility. Sean’s diligent training regiment has enabled me to become far more flexible and add muscle without looking strangely ‘buff’ as many gym rats do. I also feel that Sean has enabled me to grow mentally. I am much more motivated to exercise regularly and monitor my eating habits, which goes a long way in maintaining the progress I made with him even after we stopped training together (because I moved out of NYC). I think that getting my body healthy and strong in such a quick time period is really what surprised me most. It took only around 8-10 training sessions for me to notice and feel the progress in my conditioning. Sean’s a great trainer and a great guy. His unbelievable understanding of physiology and kinesiology is a huge benefit to his clients. Sean will patiently work with you and regularly introduce new exercise routines that always maximize your effort and progress your conditioning at a comfortable yet surprisingly fast pace. Last (and most certainly not least), Sean is an interesting and worldly person. He is a genuinely interested student of the world and can talk at length about topics ranging from Shakespeare, politics, sports, business, arts, and of course all new things in the strength and conditioning world. Training with Sean is an absolute pleasure, I would highly recommend it.

William from New York, NY

My body feels like my own, now. I feel younger and stronger, and I have confidence that I can do things without hurting myself or putting my back out. I am surprised by how I am able to push myself to higher weights, longer holds, and faster speeds. The private gym and 1:1 training have changed my view of exercise. I’m really intimidated by gym culture and would never have been able to stick with it on my own. Thanks Sean!

Nancy from New York, NY

The biggest change I’ve noticed is probably in my physical body, ever since I’ve been working with Sean I’ve been so much less self conscious about the way I look and he really has changed my physique. What’s surprised me the most is how much fun we have during sessions, we always have the best time working together which makes the training process even more enjoyable then it already is! Thank you Sean!!!

Ben from New York, NY