Certainly the biggest physical change I have realized is in strength and agility. Sean’s diligent training regiment has enabled me to become far more flexible and add muscle without looking strangely ‘buff’ as many gym rats do. I also feel that Sean has enabled me to grow mentally. I am much more motivated to exercise regularly and monitor my eating habits, which goes a long way in maintaining the progress I made with him even after we stopped training together (because I moved out of NYC). I think that getting my body healthy and strong in such a quick time period is really what surprised me most. It took only around 8-10 training sessions for me to notice and feel the progress in my conditioning. Sean’s a great trainer and a great guy. His unbelievable understanding of physiology and kinesiology is a huge benefit to his clients. Sean will patiently work with you and regularly introduce new exercise routines that always maximize your effort and progress your conditioning at a comfortable yet surprisingly fast pace. Last (and most certainly not least), Sean is an interesting and worldly person. He is a genuinely interested student of the world and can talk at length about topics ranging from Shakespeare, politics, sports, business, arts, and of course all new things in the strength and conditioning world. Training with Sean is an absolute pleasure, I would highly recommend it.

― William from New York, NY